Star Family Foundation

The foundation is a Members Helping Members organization dedicated to assisting active current Star Touring and Riding members in times of hardship or crisis.

What Is The Star Family Foundation

* An Arizona non-profit organization
* Financial assistance to only current Star Touring and Riding Organization members
* Benefit Selection Board consisting of 7 current Star Touring and Riding members
* All Board members are volunteers and receive no compensation
* Donations can come from individuals, Star chapters, Star supporters, or others
* Donations at this time are not tax deductible

Thanks to the generous support from the STAR members and Chapters the Star Family Founda- tion has been in existence since 2006. During this time we have been able to help members who have lost their loved ones due to motorcycle accidents, help children and adult members with transportation or receive necessary treatment for life threatening illnesses and a child to receive a dog trained to monitor his blood sugar to decrease his risk of having seizures, also aid members in financial stress due to surgeries, long term illnesses, or medication/hospital costs. The Foundation has given out thousands of dollars in financial aid to STAR members.

To be eligible to apply for financial aid you must be an active member in good standing of STAR Touring and Riding for 15 months. Have a crisis that has placed you in a financial hardship. The member who needs help requests an application by contacting the Star Family Foundation through e-mail or phone. Once the application is received by the Star Family Foundation via fax or mail, the application is sent out to the Star Family Board. The Star Family Board members review and act on the submitted application. The applicant and financial aid are kept confidential. Every effort is made to assist and help members who request financial aid.

The Board meets annually to review bylaws and policies. We also review the actions of the year and forecast goals for the next year. Please do not hesitate to contact me further for additional informa- tion you need.
On behalf of the Star FF Board and myself, thank you for your support,

Ginger L. Cease, President/Founder

P: 520-975-5030   208 Hewitt Dr Ste 103-322, Waco, TX  76712
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