Member Advantages

Dear Motorcycle Owner,We would like to invite you to be part of an established and exciting family motorcycle organization.  Formally recognized by Star Motorcycles, the STAR Touring and Riding Association is now celebrating its thirteenth year of success.STAR is an international organization which was created to serve owners and enthusiasts of the Star Line of motorcycles including the Star Venture, Royal Star, Road Star, Road Star Warrior, V-Star’s, Roadliner & Stratoliner, Raider, Stryker and V-Max.  Having fun is what we’re all about and it doesn’t matter what you ride. We are open to all brands of bikes.

The Star Line, as we all know, is a very special piece of hand crafted art; a modern motorcycle with a classic rich appeal. Since you’ve purchased a Star, we know you can discern quality when you see it.  STAR Touring and Riding Assoc. was created to meet the special needs of those privileged enough to own a Star, and STAR Touring is a quality organization.  You are invited to join this elite family association.

STAR Touring provides superior member service.  We are here to support the needs of our membership and serve as a positive voice in the motorcycle community.  We offer the latest Star Motorcycle news, product information, reviews, service advice and technical tips.  We will also keep you updated on the ever-popular STAR DAYS our international yearly event.

As a member you’ll be able to participate in organized group rides, have get-togethers, etc. STAR Touring is now licensing STAR Chapters in your area. So look for more information on this and other exciting events here on this site, and our online publication, the STAR News.

Sign up today because you don’t want to miss our next magazine that is full of Star Line information.  We feature stories about Star Motorcycles, Star Days and many events throughout the country; Star customer service, travel tips, and information about upcoming Star products of the future!

STAR Member Recruiting Program


Want to introduce a friend to STAR?  Look into our 5 Month Trial Membership. Please log in for information and forms.
Earn reward dollars that can be used to pay your Membership fee.  Through our new program “Recruit-A-Friend”.  For every (5) new household memberships you bring into STAR you will earn a $48.00 gift certificate that can be used towards your membership fee or purchase items on the STAR Outlet Mall.  There are no limits as to how many you can earn. Please log in to learn more!


Here is a partial list of benefits:

Fully staffed office to help you with your questions and needs.
Contact the main office whenever you have a question, need help or just want to say hello Monday thru Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM.  800-422-1041. Our friendly staff is always available to help you.

Identification Card

You’ll receive an identification card to the STAR Touring and Riding Assoc.  This card will be used for subscription verification, discounts and other future benefits.

STAR Touring & Riding Assoc. Logo Decal & Arm Patch

You’ll receive STAR Touring logo decals for both your bike and your vehicle and a STAR Touring embroidered logo arm patch for your favorite jacket.  Also available are a full size embroidered back patch to show your pride in your organization.  More organization benefits are in the works for the near future.

Ladies Of The STAR

Ladies of the STAR or LOS is a facet of the STAR Touring and Riding Assoc., consisting of women motorcycle operators and enthusiasts.  The purpose of LOS is to promote a positive image of women riders and help encourage more women to become a part of this fulfilling sport. Membership is free with the family STAR membership.


As a paid subscriber of STAR Touring your children (ages 1-13) and teenagers (13-17) will be able to participate in STAR KiDs/STAR Teens at no additional cost.  The purpose of STAR KiDs/STAR Teens is to promote positive, safe motorcycling to children and teens.  Your children and teenagers will receive a Star KiDs/Star Teen patch and identification card as part of your subscription.  (You must submit their names and birth dates on the  application.)

Tin Star

Over one hundred years ago, small towns on the American frontier knew that there was one person they could turn to for help in an emergency, the local sheriff.  The frontier sheriff was a combination police officer, and emergency coordinator identified by his distinctive “Tin Star” badge.  STAR Touring, like the citizens of the frontier towns, at times need special assistance. People trained as police officers, physicians, nurses, fire fighters, and paramedics, EMTs, or Search and Rescue fill this role.  To help identify chapter members that have this special training, we have developed a special badge, the “Tin Star.”  The Tin Star readily identifies members who are qualified to be of assistance.  (You must submit a Tin Star application along with proof of First Responder training.  If you qualify, there is no additional charge.)


Another rapidly growing facet of STAR is STAR VETS.  This is the part of STAR Touring that recognizes and honors the many people that have served their country.  To become part of STAR Vets you have to be currently serving in the Armed Forces or have served in the past and be able to provide proof of service.  If you currently are serving in the military, all we need is a “Letter of Service” from your commanding personnel office.  It must be on letterhead, list the years and months you have been in the Armed Forces and be signed by your commander.  If you are retired or have left the military service, all we need is a copy of your DD-214 or Honorable Discharge papers.

STAR Touring & Riding Assoc. Rocker’s (Renewal)

When you renew, you will receive a new rocker with the current year that you renew in. For you and the other registered adult members in your family.

Internet Web Site

You will have access to one of the LARGEST online motorcycle discussion groups on the Internet,  This web site strengthens communication between STAR Touring and its members.  There are technical discussion groups and updated announcements of coming events.

One of the most popular components of the STAR Touring web site is Swap Shop. Here, members can buy and sell parts and accessories for their bikes.  Imagine the savings!

Insurance Discounts

You will be able to receive discount’s from
ANPAC Insurance,
Dairyland Insurance Co. or


More organization benefits are always in the works for the near future.  Get Onboard with STAR Touring today and you won’t miss out on the fun STAR world of tomorrow!