Meaning of STAR Logo

STAR Touring and Riding

The Journey


The STAR Logo represents the members of STAR and all the journeys that they have been and will be on in the future. If you look at the center of the image you will see a Nautical Star with its eight points heading in many directions. No one direction is right or wrong, it’s a choice of the members to choose their direction or path to adventure.  Some of the best rides are the ones where you get lost and have to figure out where the wrong turn was made to get you back on the path. The ride became more of a discovery trip than a specific direction.In the Disney story “The Wind In The Willows” Cyril the horse sings the song “Merrily on our way to nowhere in particular” which shows the free spirit of our logo and our members. From our many journeys we have met many lifelong friends and will meet many more in our travels. Over the years the STAR logo has brought us strong bonds as a family, camaraderie, support for each other, and memories that will never be forgotten.

The STAR logo does not represent any one person or a group of people, it represents each and every one of the members that wear the logo proudly. What the future will bring us is stronger bonds, more journeys and memories because.

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