STAR Touring and Riding Assoc.
History of STAR

In 1995, Alan Cease inspired by his new Red and White Royal Star,  had a vision of creating a family motorcycle riding organization.  Although STAR started with just a few members, it now has become part of thousands of people’s lives worldwide.  STAR has grown into a family community, and has made a positive change in many lives.  STAR has strengthened communities because of the values that the organization subscribes to, and the importance it places on giving back to those communities.  STAR has endeavored to deliver an institution that is held to a higher standard, that cultivates friendships and family relationships, and that people can proudly be a member of. In 1998 the Red and White Royal Star that was the inspiration of the organization went through a customizing transformation to become the mascot bike of STAR known as “STARBASCO”.

 In 1999, the first annual STAR DAYS was held in Springfield, Missouri.  STAR DAYS is a national event held in various parts of the United States that brings STAR members together for a fun filled riding and social event.  STAR BQ’s have become another yearly event in the STAR community.  These are regional events held by STAR Chapters.  The first STAR BQ was held in Tucson AZ by Chapter # 108 in 1999.

In 2000, STAR DAYS in Cheyenne, Wyoming witnessed a turning point in STAR’s history: Yamaha/Star Motorcycles announced STAR Touring and Riding as its “Official Riding Organization”.  This began a working relationship that STAR is still very much a part of today.

STAR is committed to giving back to the communities that our members are a part of.  In 2001 at the Bowling Green, Kentucky STAR DAYS, STAR partnered with “Feed the Children” to donate food, personal items, and toys to the needy. Each year, at STAR DAYS, Yamaha/Star Motorcycle donates a Star motorcycle, and it is auctioned off for “Feed the Children”. Since 2001, “Feed the Children” has played a pivotal role in STAR’s involvement with charity.

STAR is unique in that it takes care of its own. Inspired by the need of STAR Members to help each other, Ginger Cease in 2006 founded the Star Family Foundation “Members Helping Members” and  announced the formation of the Foundation at the 10th anniversary of STAR.  The Foundation assists STAR members and their families in times of a personal catastrophic event that places them in financial need. This financial assistance gives STAR members and their families hope they can make it through an unexpected crisis in their lives.

STAR today continues to build a unique and enthusiastic motorcycle riding family organization that every motorcyclist wants to be a part of.

Alan R. Cease, President/Founder