History of STAR VETS


At the Laughlin Homecoming, April, 2001, STAR President Alan Cease, in an emotional speech, spoke of a recent communication he had had with an acquaintance, veteran and fellow member of STAR. Alan told the crowd of over 500 that he had received word from his friend, who told Alan, that he had to resign as a member of STAR. The member revealed that he had joined a “veteran’s motorcycle club” and this “club” told him that he was not allowed to ride a Yamaha Star motorcycle or belong to STAR.
In a tragic circumstance of irony, our fellow STAR member, an American Veteran, was denied the freedom, to make a choice. He was accepted into their organization at the cost of his freedom, by a “club”, that is supposed to represent the very freedom that all Americans cherish, that so many have fought and died for; the Right to Choose.
 Alan realized that there are many other STAR members, who have honorably served this country and they deserve to have a voice. More importantly, they should be able to express their right to choose and which motorcycle they choose to ride.
So, to commemorate and express the sacrifice that so many have made for this country, STAR Touring and Riding Association has established “STAR VETS” to its ever growing family. With a new “STAR VETS” logo and patch, along with a specific web board page, veterans throughout the STAR association will be able to proudly represent themselves and STAR, no matter what they ride.
____Mark Vrabel Senior Editor, STAR News