spark plugs?

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    Gary Howards

    I have been riding a 2005 Royal Star Tour Delux for the past 10 years. Just got the itch to run Iridium plugs instead of standard copper plugs. Should I scratch the itch or stick with the current style? Getting ready to leave on a 6,000 mile trip (Wisconsin to Calif……..the long way)!
    Thanks……….Gary Howards………Madison, Wi.


    Steven Kowalcky

    I have never run the Iridiums, but there has been a lot of good said about them, I could never seem to find them when I needed them so pressed on with stock plugs.

    George Allar
    George Allar

    The iridium plugs are what I have run in both my Ventures. They last a long time compared to the standard plugs.


    Mike Griswold

    Cost of the iridium’s is typically $8 each ($32), compared to about $2.50 each ($10) each for non.

    Per recommended change, say 10K miles on standard, they last more like 40K.
    But the performance will be about the same. No extra power or economy.
    So, if you dislike changing plugs, yeah do it. If you like to tinker,,, your call.
    If you pay someone else to change plugs,,, hand them iridium’s!

    But, on my RSTD, I thought I had iridium’s and at about 40k pulled out standards,, oh,,, that were running okay. So,,,, your call.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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