2007 RSTD Trip Select Button

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    Steven David

    The trip select button won’t change fields every time. The first time this happened I was provided a complete new speedometer assembly under warranty. The replacement speedo is now failing to change trips or set the clock. Now the bike is 8 years old and I can’t find a way or place to get this repaired!
    Any help will be appreciated.


    Mike Griswold

    I don’t want to leave a Royal question unanswered, but have not heard of this issue.
    And, got no idea, other than the obvious, another replacement. But that would be cost prohibitive. You might go on http://www.venturerider.org and chase their forums. They have a wealth of info on all generations of the Royal Star line. Me and several here have been $12 members of their forum for years. But, you don’t have to join to look for info.
    Good luck, Mike G

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