2005 RSTD windshield mounting btackets

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    Gary Howards

    Howdy…..already posted on Swap Shop…but thought I would put it here as well. I’m looking for the windshield mounting brackets (quick-disconnect) for my 2005 RSTD. I currently have a “spare” windshield with no mounting brackets. My current windshield is short, and the other is stock. I could keep switching out the hardware from windshield to windshield (for cold weather riding)……..but it’s a hassle. Let me know if any wrecked RSTD’s are out there………thanks
    Gary Howards
    Madison, Wisconsin


    Mike Griswold

    I just bought one off a user on a Face Book group for Royals.
    What we agreed on was that I did not need the plastic, just the hardware. $100 + ship.
    I already had a good shield and, like you, wanted to put it on a second set.
    So we agreed on the price, he disassembled it and sent me the hardware.
    He kept the plastic to sell or give to someone else.
    That made shipping a whole lot easier and cheaper.

    I did have someone the month before that had two full windshield/hardware setups.
    He was asking $150 + ship. Most want $250+. I can send you his FB info if you want to contact him to work something out. Email me at mikeginsc@bellsouth.net if you want info.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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