2005 Royal Star Tour Deluxe clutch whine

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    Kenneth Buller

    I’m looking for any help for the clutch whine on my Royal Star, other than putting loud pipes on. Thanks


    Rick Del Rio

    There’s no other way than replace the clutch pack with an updated or aftermarket set.

    Rick Del Rio 218


    Kenneth Buller

    Thank you Rick, does Yamaha sell the updated kit or is there a aftermarket kit you would recommend?

    Mike Griswold
    Mike Griswold


    Old problem for the 1999-2013 RSV and the 2005-2009 RSTD. Say, about half the bikes did this.
    This could have been addressed under warranty by swapping out the clutch basket,,, mostly.

    If the owner, during the warranty period complained about the whine, Yamaha normally allowed the dealer to swap the clutch basket for one called the “I-basket”. Most often it had the desired effect. But it is not guaranteed to work,,, was a worthy try.
    (The tech’s say it may still whine but at a different RPM. May.)

    My 2009 RSV never had the whine. Good.

    My first 2006 RSTD had the whine when it was new, but the first owner had the dealer (thus Yamaha) replace the basket to the I-basket. It took care of, say 80% of the whine.

    My RSTD got 110K miles on it and in August I came across a near “new” 2006 RSTD with 6K miles.
    I bought it and swapped over most my accessories.
    But, the new RSTD had the whine bad/loud. So, I had my mechanic go in and swap the baskets between the two bikes. YEP, the “quiet” sound moved from the old to my new. So,,, NO DOUBT WHAT DID IT, the clutch basket.

    Nice thing,,, I gave the old bike, now with the whine, to my son-in-law. He’s happy cause he got a free bike and don’t care if it whines. I’m happy with my new ride that does not whine!

    So, best chance to get rid of the whine is to go to the I-basket.
    I don’t know just where to get one, but a dealer who serviced those bikes will know.

    Here is a 4 minute YouTube video on how a motorcycle clutch works. Lets you see how the clutch basket works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxTSw3d5anE

    Also, here is a link to Boats Net breakdown of the clutch. The basket is part #1.


    I’m not aware of an aftermarket fix.

    Mike G in SC

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    George Allar
    George Allar

    Mike’s got it right. Well written Mike! Neither of my RSV had the whine, thank goodness, but another friend had the problem on his 2006 RSV. As mentioned the I basket kind of fixed the problem by moving it to another RPM range, which was outside his normal cruising RPM range. Thereby making it less annoying.

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